Some of the first figures I ever made were Santas. They were also the first pieces I ever sold. I love knitting the sweaters and hats for them – so much so that it has become a sort of trademark for me. The Santas don’t tend to be as elaborate as my other figures. I want them to look old so I try to use as much repurposed fabric or wool for them as possible. Many of them have bags in which resides a small ornament with plenty of room to add some treasures of your own.

Angels and elves round out my Christmas mix. I do tend to avoid going over the top with these figures and once again re-use old fabrics. My goal is to have them look like they have been around for a while.

The stockings are made from an assortment of fabrics from my vintage collection – again a great way to repurpose the fabric. Hearts and birds are the mainstay of my selection of ornaments with other new pieces added each year. My standing birds are made using hand felted 100% wool from salvaged items. They work year round as a simple decorating touch.

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Joy to the World
Silent Night
Painted Santa
Patchwork Coat Santa
Grey Sweater Santa
Ivory Father Christmas
Plaid Pants Santa
Velvet Cloak Santa
Snowflake Santa
Elf with Yellow Hair
Roll the Shelf

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