My figures stem from fantasy and, yes, most of them are female. I do love curves so I make sure that hips are involved. It’s a question of working with what you are most familiar with! I either go crazy with texture, hence the goddess shapes and no feet, or keep it simpler with feet included. The figures themselves are fairly straightforward so I can focus on the fun stuff. My colour choices go from very bright to muted – it all balances out in the end.

I do tend to collect (hoard!) fabrics of all kinds, from recycled clothing to newer fabrics. I am also addicted to beads and baubles, and let’s not forget decorative threads. This means I have tons of bits and pieces from which to choose.

I do have patterns available for a handful of the figures.

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All Dressed Up
Full Moon
She Who Waits
Green Goddess
Night Garden
Moonlight Magic
Winter Rose
Summer Blush
Pink Dress
Blue Dress
Lavender Rose
Night Gypsy
African Figure
Dutch Girl
Snow Dancer
Spanish Dancer

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