I have always been into art in one form or another. With my mother and sister being artists, and my father being a professional photographer, there was never a lack of inspiration at home. My mother was always sewing, so materials for me to play with were always close at hand.

I graduated from the Illustration program at Sheridan College in 1982, and though I spent a number of years working as an illustrator and graphic designer, my sewing machine was never out of reach.

Once my two children were born, I started looking for a creative outlet that would allow me to maintain my sanity and keep the creative part of me going. At one point I came across photos of old fashioned Santas and I just fell in love with them. I built one from a kit, just to get a feel for how things were done, and didn’t like it. So I promptly designed my own and I haven’t looked back since.

Now, I have body parts under my coffee table. I have body parts in the closets and, if I dig deep enough, maybe even a head in my purse. I know it sounds weird, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My figures (I prefer not to call them dolls) range from small pin figures (like a brooch) to much larger goddess shapes. I do have a tendency to keep the body shapes simple (hence the mermaids and goddesses) in order to maximize the surface area I can play with. Texture is a big word in my vocabulary these days. I don’t just want to see it but I want to feel it as well. If I can achieve something that looks like it has grown on my figures then I am happy. I can’t get enough of colour and I try combinations that can be intense. Let’s face it, my favourite combination of fuchsia, tangerine, lemongrass green, and aqua isn’t exactly subtle.

Inspiration comes from everything around me; from music to a comment made by one of my children. I love old fairy tales and children’s books and try to put a bit of “magic” into my creations. If I can picture my creations getting up and walking away, I know I have succeeded.

I am definitely addicted to fabric and sometimes find it very hard to use pieces that I have because if I use them and my work is sold I won’t have the fabric anymore! Quite often, I use fabric from old clothing and old jewelry in what I do. This is especially true with my Santas and other Christmas creations. I am firm believer in repurposing items, so what I don’t use, I pass on.

I have taught both for private groups and at the Creative Festival in Toronto, Canada. My figures have appeared in “Art Doll Quarterly” and “A Needle Pulling Thread” magazines.

My first mermaid “Moana” took Best of Show at the 2005 Canadian Doll Artists Association’s annual conference.
“All dressed up and no place to go” won Best of Show at the Canadian Doll Artists Association’s 2007 conference.
“Undine” has graced the packaging on bags of Soft-Touch Poly-fil Supreme© stuffing after winning first runner-up in a competition put on by Fairfield™ (makers of Soft-Touch Poly-fil©).
“Azulla” graces the pages of a how-to book, Stitch Journeys, published by Wonderfil© threads.

As long as these “people” spring from my head, I’ll keep on making them.

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